The Institute for Conservation Research 2019 Seminar Series

Beckman Center for Conservation Research
15600 San Pasqual Valley Road
Escondido, CA 92027

Location: Main Conference Room, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Refreshments Provided
Public Welcome

November 13: Josh Griffiths, cesar
“The Great Australian Platypus Search"

October 23 (note special time 1 - 2 p.m.): Sarah McAnulty, Ph.D., Skype a Scientist
“Skype a Scientist"

October 18 (Friday): Andrew Meyer, San Diego Audubon
“ReWild Mission Bay"

October 17 (Thursday): Jenny Stern, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Washington
“Why Study Bear Hair? Insights from Research on Wild and Zoo Polar Bears"

October 2: Björn Brändl, Ph.D. Candidate, Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel
“Sequencing the Unsequencable with Nanopore Technologies"

September 25: Michael Buchalski, Ph.D., California Department of Fish and Wildlife
“Conservation genomics and management of bighorn (Ovis canadensis) in California"

September 20 (rescheduled from September 18): Jonathan Shurin, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
“When pachyderms go rogue: re-wilding and water quality in South America"

September 11: Paige Howorth, San Diego Zoo
“Conservation of the Smaller Majority at San Diego Zoo Global"

September 4: No Seminar

August 28: Julia Gauglitz, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
“Cheetah health and the microbiome"

August 21: Kim Cooper, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
“How (and why) the jerboa got its long legs"

August 14: Rachel Chock, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“Competition in Pacific pocket mouse communities and its application to reintroduction science"

August 12 (special date): Brian Crudge and Thona Lim, Free The Bears
“Securing a future of bears in Southeast Asia: A multi-pronged approach"

August 7: No Seminar

July 31: Ana Maria Barral, Ph.D. and Rachel E. Simmons, Ph.D., National University (California)
“Using Research on Ocean Plastic Microbes to Engage Undergraduate Students in a Hispanic-Serving Non-Traditional University"

July 24: John Carlos Garza, Ph.D., Southwest Fisheries Science Center
“The Genomic Bases of Ecotypic Differentiation in Pacific Salmonids"

July 17: Ken-ichiro Kamei, Ph.D., Institute for Advanced Study, Kyoto University
“Recapitulation of the cellular microenvironments: Towards re-recreation of living systems into a chip"

July 10: Candace Williams, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“Microbial contributions to endangered species conservation"

July 3: Charles Everett Alex, D.V.M., Dipl A.C.V.P., University of California, Davis
“Red panda amdoparvovirus: A nation-wide investigation of prevalence and possible origins"

June 26: Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research and Center for Plant Conservation
“Expanding Effective Plant Conservation"

June 19: Kelly Robinson, San Diego State University student
“Biochemical Warfare: the coevolution of pit viper venom and venom resistance among small mammals"

June 12: Inigo Valiente-Alandi, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“Unleashing the power of stem cells to rewind extinction"

June 5: Jenna Parker, Ph.D. Candidate, Colorado State University
“The physiology of orphan versus non-orphan African elephants"

May 29: John Whiteman, Ph.D., Old Dominion University and Institute for Conservtaion Research
“Stable isotopes as a powerful tool in conservation biology"

May 24: Diogo Verissimo, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“Do blockbuster movies fuel demand for wildlife as pets? An evidence-based perspective"

May 22: Andrew Mooney, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Dublin
“Species360 Conservation Science Alliance – transforming globally shared records into conservation actions"

May 15: Silvio Marchini, Ph.D., Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, University of Oxford, and University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
“Coexistence Project: upscaling the analysis and management of human-wildlife conflict"

May 13 (note special date and time - 12:00-1:00): Mark Laidre, Ph.D., Dartmouth College
“Coconut Crab Conservation: insights from Darwin to present"

May 8: Canceled

May 1: Talisin Hammond, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“Heterogenous responses to a changing wrold: behavior and physiology in chipmunks and frogs"

April 24: Shaili Johri, Ph.D., San Diego State University
“Unraveling shark secrets: Sequencing genomes and microbiomes for research and conservation"

April 17: Dustin Thoman, Ph.D., San Diego State University and Motivate Lab
“Fostering values and motivation in the wild"

April 10: Rachel Meyer, Ph.D., UC Conservation Genomics Consortium
“How community scientsts are monitoring California's biodiversity with environmental DNA"

April 4: Ekwoge Abwe, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“San Diego Zoo Global's Central Africa Program: Research and Conservation of Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzees in Cameroon"

April 3: Charlie de la Rosa, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“Foraging behavior of free‐ranging cattle and community interactions in a tropical deciduous forest"

March 28: Bethan Morgan, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“San Diego Zoo Global's Central Africa Program: working with communities in Cameroon to conserve the Ebo gorillas"

March 25: Alison Greggor, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“Bringing back Hawaii's endangered birds: using behavior and learning as tools to maximize breeding and species translocations"

March 22: David Rizzo, Ph.D., University of California, Davis
“Emerging Plant Diseases in Natural Ecosystems: Biological Invasions, Global Change, and Conservation"

March 8 (note special time of 1:30 to 2:30): Sarah Hendricks, Doctoral Candidate, University of Idaho
“Applications of Conservation Genomics in Canid"

March 7: Neil Carter, Ph.D., Human-Environment Systems Research Center at Boise State University
“Interdisciplinary Insights on Living with Tigers and Grizzly Bears"

February 20: Antoinette Kotze, Prof., South African National Biodiversity Institute
“From Genomes to Biomes: a South African Perspective"

January 16: Anthony Pagano, Ph.D., Institute for Conservation Research
“Polar Bear Energetics: Implications of a Changing Arctic Environment"