Kirstie Ruppert, M.S.

Senior Research Coordinator

Kirstie Ruppert serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Senior Research Coordinator in Community Engagement. She initially joined the Institute as a Undergraduate Summer Student Fellow, working to evaluate the long-term outcomes of our professional development program for science teachers. Her continued involvement with our Teacher Workshops in Conservation Science led her to refine her career focus on adult learning and capacity building in support of conservation efforts.

Kirstie’s interests are now applied in her current role as co-advisor for the Advanced Inquiry Program, a master’s degree offered in partnership with Miami University of Ohio. She assists our graduate students as they engage in project-based learning to positively impact their communities and respond to current environmental and societal challenges.

Kirstie earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of California, Los Angeles, and her master’s degree in Zoology through the Global Field Program at Miami University. Her graduate work examines the intersection of participatory research with photography as a tool to engage communities in conservation. Kirstie has a love for the natural world and a strong belief in the power of education.