The Institute’s Operations Team is responsible for a wide variety of activities and functions at the Beckman Center, as well as our global field stations.  These include the areas of human resources, environmental health and safety, construction and maintenance, security, horticulture, and buildings and grounds.  They oversee contract negotiations, vendor relations, and management of the Institute’s vehicle pool.  In addition, they administer our volunteer and employee orientation programs.  This multi-talented and resourceful team is dedicated to supporting our mission of species conservation.

  • Carol Rhynsburger, Associate Director of Operations
  • Corinne Sylvestre, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Laura Walko, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Jeff Wilson, Senior Construction & Maintenance Worker
  • Gary Aguirre, Senior Buildings & Grounds Attendant
  • Jake Peterson, Senior Buildings & Grounds Attendant
  • Mannah Gbeh, Senior Horticulturist
  • Rosemarie Thomas, Glasswash/Operations Assistant