Jessica Trujillo Lopez

Field Research Assistant

Jessica Trujillo Lopez serves San Diego Zoo Global in a consultant capacity as a Field Research Assistant in Recovery Ecology. In this role, she is part of the team working to reintroduce the California condor into San Pedro Martir National Park, Baja California, Mexico.

Jessica began her work with the condor program as a volunteer. Her current duties include feeding of the birds, and gathering and analyzing data on their movements and behavior. She supports the team in capture and management of condors during transportation and health exams. She also helps with the maintenance of the field station and the administration of the program. In addition, Jessica has experience identifying wildlife, sampling, and collecting Baja Californian flora for diverse scientific studies in collaboration with University of California, Davis, and has collaborated with a number of conservation institutions throughout Mexico.

Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. Her community service includes work in Mexico’s Secretaría de Protección al Ambiente in San Pedro Mártir National Park. It is her love for wildlife that encourages her to work in conservation of endangered species and their habitats.