Jennifer Holler

Research Associate

Jennifer Holler serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Research Associate in Recovery Ecology.  In this role, she helps with the daily care and propagation of endangered Hawaiian forest birds at the Maui Bird Conservation Center.  As the species captain for Kiwikiu, Jennifer helps manage our captive population.  She also carries out behavioral observations of nesting and breeding behavior in our ‘Alala pairs.

Jennifer developed a strong interest in conservation and working with native Hawaiian birds during her five breeding seasons as a seasonal staff member at the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center.  She is excited to be involved with the release of ‘alala back into the wild later this year.  Along with her interest in behavioral observations, Jennifer also enjoys working with artificial egg incubation and hand-rearing of chicks.  She is looking forward to putting her experience to work with different species at the Maui Bird Conservation Center.

Jennifer studied Zoology at Oregon State University.  She has worked with a wide variety of animals throughout her career, but has always had a particular interest in birds due to their unique behaviors and characteristics.