Kathleen DeFalco

Research Associate

Kathleen De Falco serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Research Associate in Recovery Ecology. She has worked at the San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike Breeding Facility since January 2005 as a key member of the crew that cares for the birds, collects a variety of scientific and husbandry data, and maintains the grounds and facilities for the captive population of this critically endangered songbird.

Kathy began her career with San Diego Zoo Global as a volunteer and worked on many behavioral projects with a variety of species, including northern white rhinos and gorillas, but her most extensive work was with the lion-tailed macaque, an endangered primate native to southern India. Kathy began working with macaques at the San Diego Zoo in 1988, and continued her work at the Safari Park when they were relocated to a large off-exhibit enclosure. She continued her behavioral and endocrine studies until 2004, when the group moved back to the Zoo as exhibit animals. As part of this work, she visited India several times to collaborate with macaque researchers in the field.

Kathy shifted her focus to a very different animal when she came to San Clemente Island, but she has found it a marvelous opportunity to make use of her many skills including, husbandry, behavioral sampling, landscaping, and captive rearing. As with the macaques, she has enjoyed getting to know the interesting individual personalities of the shrikes.