Jenny Glikman, Ph.D.

Associate Director

Dr. Jenny Glikman serves San Diego Zoo Global as Associate Director in Community Engagement. As a social scientist, her primary role is to develop human dimensions research in community-based conservation programs. At the core of her research is understanding the attitudes, beliefs, and values of local people toward wildlife, and integrating the outcomes to help ensure the success of community-based programs. Jenny also serves as an instructor in the Advanced Inquiry Program, a master’s degree offered in partnership with Miami University.

Jenny currently oversees human dimensions and education programs in partnership with several conservation organizations in Kenya, providing scientific advice and helping with program design and implementation. Her current efforts include assisting the Ridge to Reef project (Baja California, Mexico) and the Andean bear project in Peru. She also provides support to the California condor reintroduction program in Baja California, Mexico and Cocha Cashu Biological Station in Peru. Finally, she helps with the social aspects of our giraffe project in northern Kenya and addressing wildlife trade issues impacting bears in Asia. 

Jenny earned her bachelor’s degree in Animal Behavior and Environmental Biology with honors from Anglia Rusking University, master’s degrees in Applied Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare from Edinburgh University and in Conservation of Biodiversity and Management of Protected Areas from La Sapienza University of Rome, and her doctorate in Human Dimensions of Wildlife from Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada. Before joining the Institute, Jenny worked as a professor in the department of Human Ecology at the Cinvestav in Merida, Mexico, where she was involved in projects related to human dimensions of protected areas and ecosystem services. Jenny’s passion for wildlife conservation has taken her from tracking jaguars in Argentina to managing wolf and bear conflict in rural mountain communities of Italy.