Jeffrey Opdycke

Director of Global Partnerships

Jeff Opdycke serves San Diego Zoo Global as Director of Global Partnerships. In this role, he cultivates, directs, and manages staff and consultants in order to match the conservation knowledge, skills, and abilities of San Diego Zoo Global with funding and partnership opportunities that will help prevent wildlife decline and extinction at home and abroad.

In this capacity, Jeff works to connect our applied research and animal care expertise with species recovery needs here and abroad. His team assists in development and management of various federal, municipal, and private industry contracts for endangered species recovery actions, including propagation, habitat management, seed banking, and funding for national and international conservation science activities. Key current projects include support for our California condor and Hawaiian forest bird conservation efforts, including the critically endangered ‘alala, and community-based conservation for giraffe in Kenya. Additional work focuses on Mojave desert tortoise recovery, Asian leaf monkey conservation in China and Southeast Asia, and strategic mitigation for many sensitive and declining species in the southwestern United States.

Jeff earned his bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Humboldt State University. A native San Diegan, he then spent 18 years with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where he served in a variety of biologist and management positions throughout the country before joining San Diego Zoo Global. With a background in public policy and applied conservation science, Jeff has served on many habitat conservation advisory committees and non-profit boards.