The application period is now open through February 28, 2020 for a Summer 2020 start of program. Please let us know you're interested and apply today! Scroll down for more information about our upcoming information sessions and contact information for Project Dragonfly’s AIP office and San Diego Zoo Global's program contacts.

AIP Overview

San Diego Zoo Global's (SDZG) Community Engagement team at the Institute for Conservation Research has joined a major national partnership to bring an innovation master's degree to Southern California. The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) from Miami University, Ohio, is an inquiry-driven learning experience that enables students to work directly with world-class SDZG scientists, experts and partners while completing web-based coursework through Miami University. The AIP is an exciting and affordable way to pursue your passion for conservation while earning a master’s degree and maintaining full-time work.

Students in this one-of-a-kind graduate program are part of an unprecedented national network of leading institutions committed to local, national, and global change. Project Dragonfly is based in the Department of Biology at Miami University, a state university in Oxford, Ohio, established in 1809. Miami, listed as one of the eight original Public Ivies, has a long and distinguished record of excellence in research and teaching in science and education. Project Dragonfly reaches millions of people each year through inquiry-driven learning media, public exhibits, and graduate programs worldwide. AIP Master’s students join a growing alliance of education, environmental, and community leaders.


Information Sessions

We will hold two identical 60-minute information sessions via webinar that will introduce prospective students to the AIP experience with San Diego Zoo Global as your AIP home Master's Institution! You will meet AIP staff, hear an overview of the program, and participate in a Q&A session that includes a panel of current AIP students and alumni.

 - Wednesday, December 9th @ 5:30-6:30pm Pacific Time (US and Canada)

 - Tuesday, January 12th @ 5:30-6:30pm Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Please sign up to attend one of these two live 60-minute presentations following the links above. We hope you can attend!

Please note: The AIP is focused on driving social and ecological change in your local community. As such, the program in San Diego is best suited for people who reside in the Southwest US or Northwest Mexico. If you are located nearer to another AIP Master Institution (scroll down to see a full list of AIP Master Institutions here), we recommend that you visit the AIP website of the institution nearest you to learn about enrollment in their program. If you reside abroad, please read more about the Global Field Program.

Program Contacts

San Diego Zoo Global

Mackenzie Borau, Ph.D., Associate Director,

Miami University

AIP Contact,

Project Dragonfly team,, 513-529-8576

AIP Student Spotlight Videos

AIP Masters Degree Program Staff