Lindsay Sidak-Loftis

Research Associate

Lindsay Sidak-Loftis serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Research Associate in Conservation Genetics. In this role, she fulfills sample requests for collaborative projects such as Genome 10K, as well as for outside investigators who are undertaking research aligned with our conservation mission. Her responsibilities include purification and quality control of DNA, and barcode sequencing for species identification. In addition, Lindsay is assisting with the California condor recovery project. She performs the DNA sexing of all chicks and carries out genotyping for parentage validation on condors hatched from eggs laid in the wild.

Lindsay’s research interests focus on population genetics of endangered species. Through her work, she hopes to better understand these species and apply this knowledge to conservation efforts. She is also interested in wildlife diseases and their management.

Lindsay obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Northern Arizona University, focusing on infectious diseases and molecular genetics. Throughout her time at NAU, she conducted research on a variety of organisms, on projects ranging from understanding Clostridium difficile in the canine population to investigating the influence of plague on Gunnison’s prairie dogs during the past century. As an undergraduate, Lindsay received the 2015 NAU Hooper Undergraduate Research grant to help fund her work on a project genotyping Hawaii’s native Ohi’a tree.