Charles Alex, D.V.M.

Steel Endowed Pathology Resident

Dr. Charles Alex serves San Diego Zoo Global as the Steel Endowed Pathology Resident in Disease Investigations. As a trainee in this position, he provides diagnostic pathology services for the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park collections as well as native wildlife species. Under the guidance of board-certified pathologists, he evaluates submissions from biopsy, cytology, and necropsy services and collaborates with clinical and curatorial staff in an effort to better understand and improve the health and management of the zoological collection.

During his residency training, Charles has been involved in the characterization of a novel viral pathogen of red pandas. This research was undertaken as a collaborative effort, working with mentors from the University of California, Davis and San Diego Zoo Global’s Institute for Conservation Research.

Charles earned bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and Literary/Cultural Studies from the College of William and Mary, and in Biology from George Mason University. He earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, then completed two years of pathology residency training at the University of California, Davis before transferring to Disease Investigations to complete his residency. He is broadly interested in infectious diseases in zoo and wildlife populations, with particular interests in conservation impacts, pathogen discovery, and international outreach and capacity building for wildlife disease investigations.