Allan (Wilson) Ethington

Research Assistant

Allan (Wilson) Ethington serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Research Assistant in Recovery Ecology. In this role, Wilson is species captain for ‘alala at the Maui Bird Conservation Center. His current scope of work includes managing the health and breeding of the 36 ‘alala housed at the Center. In addition, he is responsible for facility/grounds maintenance and repairs on our 40-acre property, which includes mowing, trimming, storm clean-up, invasive species removal, and native plant restoration.

Currently, Wilson is helping the Hawaiian forest bird program prepare for an historic breeding season, including egg collection from wild nests of ‘akikiki and ‘akeke’e on Kauai. These birds will be hand-reared and serve as founders for new captive breeding populations of these critically endangered species. Wilson is also excited to be involved with the first releases of ‘alala to the wild in 17 years, which will consist of chicks from our ten breeding pairs on Maui, combined with chicks produced at our Keauhou Bird Conservation Center on Hawaii. These will be the first ‘alala to exist in the wild since 2002.

Wilson earned his bachelor’s degree of Liberal Arts and Sciences from Butler University. He first realized he wanted to pursue a career in conservation during his internship at the Maui Bird Conservation Center.