Zoo Contact Tracer, version 0.1.3, is a software tool developed by San Diego Zoo Global’s DiseaseInvestigations to perform contact tracing. “Contact-tracing” is a simple method used by epidemiologists to stop the spread of a contagious disease. It involves identifying every individual a sick patient comes into contact with and then closely monitoring or isolating those contacts. To conduct contact-tracing in a zoo, we use carefully detailed enclosure history records to identify all potential contacts; however, this task becomes much more complicated when large numbers of animals need to be followed over long periods of time. For this reason, we developed a software program that can quickly perform the complex task of contact-tracing using animal management records from the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. By feeding a few key pieces of information into the software, such as who was sick and where they lived, we can instantly identify all animals that should be closely monitored and/or isolated to prevent further spread of illness. The program is being used to aid in our current research on bird disease and will be a valuable tool for preventing disease spread by facilitating early diagnosis and treatment of infected individuals. It can be easily extended for use by other scientists and zoos and will soon be available here as a free download. For questions, contact Carmel Witte, cwitte@sandiegozoo.org.