Established in 2006, the Community Engagement Lab at the Beckman Center is a full-service research laboratory dedicated to students, teachers, and members of the community. Programs in the Community Engagement Lab enable visitors to engage with conservation scientists, gain access to innovative research tools, and participate in hands-on experiences that connect them to conservation science in new and meaningful ways.  Locally, these innovative programs give teachers and their students the opportunity to apply their textbook knowledge of biology and chemistry to real world scenarios in wildlife conservation. To date, we have connected more than 40,000 students from all over Southern California to the science of saving species through exploratory science field trips. Nationally, more than 800 teachers from all 50 states have gained original knowledge and tools to bring science disciplines such as ecology, genetics, and molecular biology to life in their classrooms. The Lab is also the headquarters for our AIP Master’s Degree Program.          

Student and Teacher Programs 
Teacher Workshops in Conservation Science
Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP)