Corinne Pisacane, M.S.

Senior Research Associate

Corinne Pisacane serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Senior Research Associate in Population Sustainability. In this role, her work includes running non-invasive hormone assays in the endocrinology laboratory and seeking connections between hormones and behavior. Her research interests include looking at animal behavior through a holistic lens to impact management decisions that will ultimately improve animal welfare and breeding efforts. The endocrinology lab is in the process of developing new techniques, including saliva testing, that will increase both efficiency and effectiveness.

Corinne supports a variety of projects that involve an endocrine component. She analyzes cheetah hormone levels for the Cheetah Research and Breeding Center that aid in diagnosing pregnancy, ovulation, estrus, and stress levels. She also has worked with okapi, tigers, iguanas, dholes, Somali wild ass, Nile lechwe, koalas, gorillas, orangutans, African elephants, giraffe, and kangaroo rats. She is always in search of new endocrine techniques that help answer wildlife conservation questions. In addition, she regularly gives talks to help educate the public.

Corinne earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biology and Marine Sciences, respectively, from University of California, Santa Cruz. She has 15 years of previous experience in environmental toxicology specializing in pesticide and PCB analysis in marine wildlife and environments. Her prior work included testing pesticide and organic contaminant levels in sea otters.